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This poem is dedicated to all the women who have undergone the evil of violence, be it physical, emotional or psychological violence, and have come out victorious through all those trials. Poleni sana.

To all the fellow men, let’s respect the ladies: there are better ways to solve issues than hitting women.


Numerous organizations are at the fore front in eliminating violence against women: examples include WHO, IPU, COUNCIL OF EUROPE and many others.

Be an example to fellow men; Let your voice be heard.

Violence against women starts with SCREAMS and must never end in SILENCE.



I thought about the life we had

When I first met you

And was impressed

When I couldn’t stop talking about you

To my friends


I thought about that day

When we shared more that just a peck

When we shared a special moment

That day when you broke my innocence

You were my first love

And probably my last

Love nowadays just doesn’t last


I thought a lot today

Thought about all the

Hurt and the pain

Thought about how it hurt

When you walked away

It still hurts

Even though it’s been 8 months


I thought about the times

We shared

Mostly when you came home

My heart would be scared

When you would hit me

And neighbours would just stare

When you would hit me

Leaving scars that I still bear


I thought about that day

When I walked from work

Going home to see my loved ones

When out of nowhere

Three men ambushed me

And I couldn’t escape

Those five hours are still fresh

In my head

When they all took turns

When I was brutally raped


I thought about that day

When I went to the hospital

To inquire about my health

And when the results came back

I was sad to find out

That I had AIDS



I thought about all that

Pondered upon it

Day and night

And as I did that

So did this angel growing inside


God cover me with your love.





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I woke up today…well was woken around 9:00am by my colleague who apparently lives far from my house.Talking about my house, is it really a house…yes it is..but very far from a home…Back at the office ,my colleagues used to call it Fort Jesus (by the sound of that name,you can picture how it looks like) maybe one day I will upload some photos for you to confirm your doubts. nowadays we call it the Hague,don’t ask me why but that name has stuck…even the manager uses that word to refer to our domicile.

I don’t live alone:I live with some two guards who chungas the office premise which is located within a catholic of the askaris who is the eldest and is bald has a big mouth and verbal diarrhoea..he behaves like sijui what or who and might even be found talking to some of the village women and sharing everything and anything…ananiboeshanga…i have no biff against women and forgive me for what am about to say but this askari behaves like a woman …well more than a woman.i know quite a number of women and believe me some are not like him.he is more feminine if I may put it that way. we had a ka mini meeting with all the Haguerians (guys who live at the hague) the other night and came to the conclusion that the askari needs to be sat and down and given a piece of everyone’s mind.then if he doesn’t change ,well the only other solution would be to chase him from the premises.

Getting back to my story,i woke up and my colleague told me that he had a small accident with the Yamaha motorbike.he  had bruises on his hand and on his legs:the bruise on his palm was quite deep and i had to bring some methylated mind quickly went to the riding gear agenda that the motorbike riders,including me,have been mentioning every so often to the management.that was since last year and until today ,no measures have been taken.if he had the riding gear,like the gloves , the head gear and the rest,he wouldn’t have hurt himself like that.guess we have to put the agenda across to the manager,come Monday next week.

I did some washing after wards,just my shirts and pair of sock:will soak my jeans today and do the washing kesho.i went back to the house feeling tired and sleepy so had to take a nap..and boy did I sleep like a fool.later I took a bath and felt refreshed,then went to take some photos of the local parish church.since reporting to my workstation in October last year,imagine I have never attended the mass at the church.I know right now you are saying PEPO MCHAFU wewe ,ushindwe but hold your horses.the local padri preaches in the national Dholuo…and am not very familiar with that dialect. However, I do listen to Gospel Sunday on Citizen TV,at least they use the “local dialect” ,so I do get my Sunday dose of the Word.Check out some of the photos I took HERE.


  1. That when we get stressed we never go eat a salad
  2. That Love is the only thing that makes one to be indifferent about life…and everything.
  3. That nowadays women are more afraid of any commitment involving relationship and marriage
  4. That if a guy spends more time with a girl, she may eventually end up liking (loving) him even if she didn’t in the first place. However the reverse isn’t true.
  5. That chicks like you for your money… and if they think you have a potential of being a “sonko” ( rich guy) in the future.
  6. That women who enjoy receiving never take the lead in giving
  7. That most of the time if you have strong feelings for someone, chances are that they also love you back in return.
  8. That women have a strong will but are weak when it comes to words…just say a few sweet words and see their hearts melt away.
  9. That most of the people with big egos are the ones with low paying, low profile jobs like secretaries and watchmen…You don’t believe me, go meet them.

Browse later for more EVER REALIZED… facts…

I wait for a day

When mothers won’t weep

When gloom won’t engulf them

Because by their side their kids will be


I wait for a day

When kids won’t cry

When they won’t shed tears

Because their parents are being killed


I wait for a day

When fathers won’t have to defend

Use their hands or go to court

Fight for what is rightly theirs


I wait for a day

When all of us would live as one

Brothers and sisters

One family in the name of love


I wait for a day

When we won’t put on masks

When we won’t have to pretend

When we would just be ourselves


I wait for that day



Composed & Compiled By


Karisa A. Kazungu



Written on January 14, 2008 at 11:30pm





Ever imagined how life would be if we just had one universal language and stop all the tribal wars just because people are from different tribes. Guys, let’s celebrate our tribal diversity instead of focusing on how different we are…we may be a long way from getting there but that’s why we have hope…for hope we live ( Caroline Nderitu – Acclaimed Poetess)




Je rêve d’un culture

Parlant dans le monde entière

Apportant les gens ensemble

Une qui unit tout le monde

Tout dans le nom d’amour


Je rêve d’un culture

Qui évite la guerre

En faisant de la paix

Dans un monde detestable

Donnant l’espoir at la joie de vivre


Je voudrais pratiquer une culture

Une que tout le monde veut le practiquer

Don’t je sera fière

Don’t je sera parlerai

Une je partagerai avec les gens


La culture don’t je rêve

C’est une culture don’t je prière

Ce que J’aime, don’t j’espère

C’est tout dans cette culture

Vivant, interessant, mondial et parfait

Je l’attend


Composée par



Karisa A. Kazungu



Life would be kinda hard if we were to run out of love. Just like oil is important to an engine, so is love – the energy source that lights up our hearts.

So let’s love…for these three remain, hope faith and love but the greatest of these is love (1st Corinthians 13:13).






I would run out of words

If I were I to speak of my love for you

Not even the alphabet would suffice

In expressing the deep love in my heart


I would run out of ink

If I were to put down in black and white

What my mouth confesses to you day and night

The words of my heart’s delight


I would run out of new ideas

Of new ways to show you my love

That you’re the girl of my dreams

The girl that I need


I would run out of my mind

If I were to lose you my gal

If I didn’t have you right by my side

To be my love till death do us part



Written By



Karisa Kazungu


I have nothing to say. Let the poem speak for itself




I don’t know what to say

And I can’t see the way

The world is so gray

Almost everything is okay

I don’t want to live this way

I don’t want to live and regret

Life is so precious

And I don’t want to pretend


Even when am all alone

When left alone to roam

My heart will no more groan

Your hand will hold me close

Your staff will show me the road

You will show me where to cross

Your love won’t allow me to get lost

You will treat me like a rose

Protect me not to be trampled upon


Even when am confused

When I don’t know what to choose

When my mind is all but confused

When a dilemma makes me get confused

I know you will show me what’s true

That I may know a lie from a truth

And choose you coz you’re true


When my heart can’t see the way

Darkened by what I did or said

I know your light will be my guide

Shinning to give direction to my heart

That even through those darkest nights

When even the moon doesn’t come out to shine

Your light will be my sight



Written By


Karisa Kazungu




My version of what love is.Enjoy…


If love is a leap

Then inspire me to jump

No matter the love height

It’s you my heart wants


If love is a flower

Then you’re the one I’ve picked

Among all the roses

You’re the Lilly I need


If love is a novel

Let me hold you in my arms

So close to my heart

And never put you down


If love is oxygen

It’s you my heart breathes

The reason why I live

The reason my heart beats


By Karisa Kazungu

watch this space

watch this space for upcoming valentine poems…….


Last sunday (3rd feb 2008),i was in church…i fellowship with ACK CATHEDRAL(MOMBASA MEMORIAL CATHEDRAL) and pasi FRED from WESLEY alipreach..he started by asking us to sema the words we have learned coz of the post-election violence(vocabularies).the responses were as funny as they were numerous and I’d lyk to share some with you…
(katika sentence-I feel looted)
form 16a- ati sasa watu wanataka kusoma law…mshindwe
flawed elections
my learned friend
mr speaker sir
koswad(from the swahili word kosa-to do wrong)-katika sentensi-i feel koswad
vibayad-(frm swa word Vibaya)-i feel vibayad
skirmished-katika sentensi-i feel skirmished)

and the list is endless…but this one is funny…

I semad Internally Displaced
i thot u wuldn’t ask me to make a sentence using these vocas…
So katika sentence-i feel internally displaced in my heart..
More vocas in the future…